Nate Kennedy

Builder of Funnels, Master of Ads, King of Conversions, Doctor of Marketing.

About Nate

Nate Kennedy Is, Above All, A Husband & Father. 

His Wife Susan, and 2 Children are, as Nate would be quick to say, his greatest accomplishments. Bar None. 

Among his other passions, he counts: business building, playing “Full Contact Entrepreneur”, Helping business owners reach their goals, and staying fit. His methods in business and consulting are decidedly “Tough Love”, Keeping his team and clients on track with a healthy mix of education, support, and honest feedback. 

Give First, Focus On The Goal, And ALWAYS Do The Right Thing. He is the proud author of multiple International bestselling books, with forwards by industry luminaries such as Dan Kennedy. 

He stands ready to help you reach the heights in business you drive for.

Here's What Others Are Saying About My Work

I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented Real Estatepreneurs that are closing deals and creating an impact with thousands of students across North America. 

Mark Evans DM

The Deal Maker is a 9 time bestselling author and the author of the new book 10 Minute Business Owner. He is known as the Godfather of Virtual Real Estate Investing

Kent Clothier

Client Testimonial Kent Clothier, CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, focuses on building disruptive systems that push the entrepreneur dream and the real estate industry forward.

Nate has gotten us more leads than we were getting ourselves and we are getting an 8:1 ROI. Hiring them has been a great investment and NOT an expense.

Sam Bakhtiar

The Camp Movement

Duuuuuude…noooooow weeeee taaaaalkin! Showing lots of leads already. Yeah baby! Nice work. Keep optimizing!

Travis Sago

Email MOJO

Nate is managing all our ads. We are paying $1.89 per lead and have gotten 298 new leads in 3 days. We were paying $7 per lead before.

Paul Alexander

Elite Fitness

A Few Of The Business Ventures

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One thing I enjoy doing is connecting with like minded entrepreneurs that want to have fun in the one life we get.  If you are one of them hit me up on social and let's connect.