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Nate Kennedy Gets Raw & Real

Like any entrepreneur, Nate faced many obstacles on his path to success. Before discovering digital marketing, Nate ran a successful mortgage company. He found himself making good money and living a fast-paced life that would lead him down the wrong path. In the process, he lost track of his family and himself, which led to the decision to file bankruptcy…

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Now you can double your product sales with low cost Facebook Ads. Inside this video you are going to discover why your sales funnel is not converting paid traffic as good as it should be and How having a couple of blog posts can help you get hundreds more product sales.

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The Oath That Changed My Business

There are days when I am in the trenches with my team, second guessing myself  with the Urge to YELL – Peace – Lone Wolf is Out. Then Roll into the closest Pub with my Laptop and Cell Phone, throw back a shot of whiskey, wash it down with an ice cold beer and get to work for my self again.

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