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Twitter’s New “Super Follow”, How AI Will Affect Business, and Accomplishing Your Goals

Tune in as we explore Twitter's new creator subscription service and how it can be used to build Million Dollar Audiences. We also share our own experiences of attending the Sneaker Exit and how savvy negotiations skills can be applied not only to get the best deal on your favorite kicks, but also in life.

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, we tackle the discussion on how AI is transforming both business and education. Hear our thoughts on the importance of testing marketing strategies, keeping a keen eye on market trends, and leveraging AI for business growth.

Setting and achieving goals can be a daunting task – but what if you had a roadmap to follow? We unpack our own experiences in setting lofty goals, and the strategies that have propelled us towards success. We talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with winners, maintaining a positive attitude, and never putting a limit on what you can achieve. For those who dare to dream big, this episode is a must-listen.

Show highlights include:

  • The new Twitter feature that makes it easier than ever to build a million dollar audience [([6:25])]
  • How AI will impact business and education [([14:50])]
  • Are people going to lose their jobs because of AI? ([16:38])
  • The process of setting and meeting your goals ([23:45])
  • Is it too late to hit your goals? ([33:13])
  • Winners spend time with winners ([34:39])