Nate Kennedy

About Nate

Digital marketer and creator of the Celebrity Effect, Nate Kennedy specializes in business growth strategy and brand development. 

Along with his team of marketing experts, Nate helps each one of his clients create a customized plan aimed at increasing company awareness and sales, both in and out of the digital sphere. 

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. In order to grow your business, you have to have a compelling and forceful marketing approach. 

Nate has standardized the exact method they use, from the tools, to the content, to the systems into a process called the Celebrity Effect

Meet The Guy Behind It All

Growing up with a die hard entrepreneur for a dad, I got to see first hand how to win in this life. Most weekends you’d find me mowing lawns or shoveling snow, anything to make that extra money every kid wants in their pocket. 

As it often goes, somewhere along the way those lessons of hard work fell by the wayside. I guess I thought could simply “coast” my way through college. The results were exactly what you’d expect when you have a mindset like that – Pretty Damn Poor. 

It took my dad leaving his shoe print on my ass to see the light and avoid being kicked out of school. 

Luckily, I pulled my head out of the dark and earned my degree. After college, I moved to North Carolina, Got myself a suit and decided to make my mark in real estate by taking a job as a mortgage broker. 

It didn’t take long to blow through all the companies records, I was selling mortgages faster than just about anyone. And running myself into the ground faster than I ever dreamt possible. 

Like many of us out there, I am no stranger to obstacles and struggles. 20 hour days, endless meetings, calls, and just plain old “Hustle” left me burnt out, disillusioned and ready for something new. 

My burnout landed me in Costa Rica for a surfing trip, enjoying good beer and good waves. Shortly after getting back, I got hired as a surf shop manager and worked a few other related jobs. Problem was though, they were not the kind of jobs that would fulfill my financial desires.

In order to achieve the freedom and financial independence I craved, I knew I needed to start my own business. The two best decisions I’ve made in life are marrying my wife, and starting my own business. 

I built my very first ‘real business’ into a multi-million dollar empire that ultimately crashed and burned. It had No Real Brand or Authority when the market shifted. 

That failure is what led me to really diving deep into using marketing to build brand authority and influence. Over the next few years I personally built and sold 7 different companies. Along the way I tested and improved the Celebrity Effect multiple times. 

Since then, all I’ve done for the past 10 years, is work with clients like you, helping over 100+ companies leverage our method to grow their business, brand, and influence. I have a true passion for problem solving, and I truly believe in the transformative power of community, content, and conversations. 

The biggest lesson I have learned along the way, is to live to a set of strategies, morals, and choices, and hold people to a fair, but defined course of action. 

It’s like this, if you know you what your offer is and have the work ethic to match it, chances are you’re going to build a business of value. A business with longevity able to withstand the uncertainties of the market. 

Your clients will see an amazing person doing what they love, fully engaged. You will see yourself being true to your values and moving forward. Your team and family will see you doing the right thing at the right time.