How To Siphon Advertising Dollars Away From Google, Twitter (X), Meta, and LinkedIn Tapping Into A Strategy Invented In 1971!

If you look at the goliaths of the internet Google, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok – the money being invested in advertising is insane

In 2022 alone… 

Google generated $224.47 billion in ad revenue

Facebook brought in $113.6 billion 

YouTube, $29.24 Billion

TikTok, $9.9 billion…

The list goes on, and the numbers are expected to continue to grow…

All because they own their audiences –  and we all want a slice of the pie. 

So we continue to shell out, renting access to those audiences… subject to any rules or regulations they see fit to enforce…

Always walking on eggshells for fear of being of shut down, shadowbanned, or locked out.

But What If You Could Flip The Script?

What if you took the reins of your audience, and actually OWNED your ad space – eliminating all the frustration, over-saturation, and inconvenience that comes with renting your audience?

By growing an email newsletter, you can slice off a piece of that $330+ billion dollar ad spend pie.

Because when you can offer the chance for an advertiser to put their ad in front of your ultra-targeted, highly responsive niche audience… 

In a medium that is optimized for focused reading (email)

Sandwiched between valuable content that readers have requested to see…

With the stamp of approval from a trusted publisher (YOU), giving even more 3rd party credibility to the offers being advertised…

…you can see how appealing it’ll be for potential sponsors to buy ad space in your newsletter.

And that’s in the short term.

Sure, building your own Million Dollar Newsletter will allow you to multiply your revenue with little-to-no additional overhead or time investment…

But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you don’t want to be chained to your business for the rest of your life. 

And that’s the real upside of owning a Million Dollar Newsletter…

It sets you up for a graceful exit.

Look at the story of The Morning Brew, for instance…

Co-founders Austin Rief and Alex Lieberman started their newsletter in a college dorm, and quickly found themselves sitting on a gold mine of sponsorship revenue.

In a matter of just a few years, they’d grown their newsletter base to over 2 million subscribers – 

Giving them the bargaining power to strike a deal with Business Insider, selling Morning Brew for a whopping $75 million – a return of 100x on their humble start-up budget. 

Another example of the massive potential of newsletters is Sam Parr’s “The Hustle.” 

Starting from scratch with almost no media experience, Sam launched The Hustle in 2014 with a unique approach. 

As the newsletter soared in popularity, the subscriber base grew exponentially, and sponsorships followed suit. 

Eventually, he caught the attention of Hubspot, who bought him out for more than $20 million dollars.

Then there’s the example of The Peak.

Focused around the Canadian business news niche – they sent their first newsletter on July 16, 2020 – and just 3 years later, were able to sell it for $5M.

I could go on and on but…

These examples alone prove the immense potential of the newsletter.

And when you look at the global email marketing industry as a whole, expected to grow to nearly $18 billion by 2027, there’s really no arguing with it.

So maybe you're not looking to take anything else on – maybe your business is doing fine and you're happy with your current model and trajectory. 

But let me ask you this…

Are you running your business or is it running you?

Back in 2019 – in my agency, everything looked good on paper.

I was juggling multiple clients with 10-25k invoices coming in monthly… we had our SOPs dialed in and were crushing it for our clients…

But I was a bottleneck for operations, trying to serve and satisfy a roster of high-level clients without having the capital to grow my team and delegate. 

I was obsessed with ironing out every wrinkle to the point where I couldn’t enjoy any free time.  

I was stressed, gaining weight, and constantly making compromises in my personal life in order to keep the ship afloat…

Until the day when burnout smacked me square in the face… 

When I realized that I was a slave to my business, not the “owner”… 

And I knew something had to give.

It was my 40th birthday, and I was celebrating with my wife and kids. 

We were enjoying a peaceful family meal out at one of my favorite restaurants when I felt the dreaded buzzing of my phone in my pocket. 

My wife saw the look of dread and guilt on my face for not being able to put down my work for even one special evening… 

“You can take it, we’ll be fine,” she told me sympathetically.

I apologized and went to find somewhere quiet I could talk… and as I answered the phone, I felt torn inside…

The inner conflict of wanting to appease my clients while, in my heart, knowing that I wasn’t upholding my values as a father and husband.

At that moment, I realized that I needed to find a way to take back my time and my integrity.

So I started reflecting on all the stuff I’d achieved. Things like…

  • Built and sold 7 Brands.
  • Spent $100M+ on paid ads for myself and my clients.
  • Launched 3 best-selling books. 
  • Owned a mortgage company
  • Designed Cash Flow Websites
  • Flipped real estate deals
  • Built custom homes

Thinking back to when I first started my agency in 2009, I remembered how I’d wake up, send an email, and spend the rest of the day exploring the country with my wife. 

I had true time freedom… and I was ready to get it back. 

So in January 2020, I started to map out my new Email Newsletter venture. 

Fast forward to today, and I send millions of emails every day to our newsletter subscribers. 

Last year we made just North of $3M as a result of our newsletters. I worked way less and answered to zero clients.

Now that this business is on autopilot, I want to start helping business owners do the same thing…

That’s why I’m starting a Million Dollar Newsletters Fast Track.

Because when you know what you’re doing…

You can go from relentlessly buttering up leads, fielding endless client calls, and running back-to-back marathons on the hamster wheel… 

…to cultivating a recognizable newsletter brand and starting to build YOUR million-dollar audience.

Participants will…

  • Discover the best ways to cultivate a compelling and highly profitable brand (so you can set yourself up for an evenutal massive buyout)
  • Find out how to start making money from day one (with advertising models that build trust and loyalty in your subscribers)
  • Learn to create content that makes your subscribers beg for more (and conditions them to open, read, click, and buy)
  • Discover my proven strategies for Explosive list growth (without breaking the bank)
  • Get Access to my personal ad network relationships I’ve built over the past 15 years (so you can breeze through the approval proces and get ad’s up and running asap)
  • Learn the most effective newsletter styles (and how to determine whether a ‘Creator’ or a ‘Curator’ approach will work best to engage and monetize your audience) 
  • Find out the best way to start renting your audience (so you can secure lucrative sponsorships early on) 
  • Learn how to optimize your landing pages (so that every step in the process is congruent and maximizes Conversion Rates)
  • Get my proven templates and content creation strategies (so you can deliver maximum value to your subscribers, build rapport, and motivate your readers to take action and buy with every single email)
  • And more…

This isn’t a general mastermind…

Or another “how to” think tank…

This is a tight-knit, closed-door recipe to success available to only a select few. (I’m only accepting 5 new participants in the current Fast Track)


Whether you’re a 6, 7, or 8-figure business owner, agency, freelancer, or consultant…

Our Million Dollar Newsletter Workshop can help you install the systems you need to alleviate future burnout and maximize your profit potential by streamlining a fundamental marketing strategy.

Through this program, you’ll learn everything you need to run your own million-dollar newsletter…

And see firsthand the system that brought me from ZERO to over TWO MILLION subscribers in 18 months. 

And once you have the skills to build, grow and monetize your newsletter – this means:

  • No More Webinar Funnels
  • No More Cold DM’s
  • Or 5-day challenges…

Just a simple daily email. 

Taking your audience outside the reach of account shutdowns, shadowbans, and the risk of being hacked…

You’ll open up opportunities in every aspect of your business and life. 

With the autonomy of your own audience, you’ll be able to start connecting the dots in your business to paint any picture you want. 

You’ll stay top of mind with VALUE, constantly building trust and rapport with your audience (instead of trying to sell them something at every point of contact)…

You’ll be able to poll your most engaged prospects and beta test new products and offers to them – without having to allocate an advertising budget…

You’ll have full ownership of and access to your audience (instead of having to pay Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. for access to it anytime you want to promote something)

And by cultivating an ultra-niche audience, your newsletter will actually become a more effective platform for other businesses in your market to advertise on than the big platforms.

What will it take for you to launch your own newsletter and be on your way to generating unparalleled growth?

I want to dive deep and give my maximum attention to the ass-kickers who join this Fast Track – so I’m capping the group at 5 participants.

I won’t insult your intelligence with a bunch of scarcity, price drops, or justifications.

So if you’d like to be one of the 5…  

Once you apply, we’ll hop on a call if you’re qualified and I’ll personally enroll you over the phone.

And we will be able to answer your questions and make sure this is a good fit for you.

NOTE: there’s no guarantee how long this opportunity will be available.

(The first public Facebook post I made about this generated 80 raised hands, so there’s going to be no shortage of applicants.)

So if you’re ready to add tried-and-true, a low-effort revenue stream to your business – so you can reclaim your time, take full ownership of your audience, and multiply your revenue exponentially

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how I can help you tap this massive growth opportunity.

Rooting for ya,

Nate Kennedy