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Andrew Schulz’s Meteoric Rise, Instagram Broadcast Channels, Investing vs. Saving

In this episode we dive into the new Instagram Broadcast tool and how it's a game-changer for creators.  We go deep into the art of audience building, discussing how to monetize your hardcore fan base and why engaging content is your MVP.

We move on to discuss the success of Andrew Schultz. He's got a knack for making us laugh, but his entrepreneurial prowess is no joke.  We follow Andrew's ups and downs of his journey; from being turned down by networks to selling out at the Scotiabank Arena and hosting a popular podcast with Joe Rogan.

As we wrap up, we pivot to a topic that's close to our wallets – saving and investing. Whether you're an up-and-comer or an experienced player, knowing how to make your money work for you is a strength to have. We reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of investing in real estate and cryptocurrency. Plus, why a rainy day fund might not be your best defense and how to bounce back from a bad investment.

Show highlights include:

  • Using the new Instagram Broadcast feature to build engaged audiences ([1:50])
  • The importance of extracting your audience ([7:29])
  • The story of Andrew Schultz – from comedian to entrepreneur ([10:07])
  • Nate's investment advice to young entrepreneurs ([25:50])
  • Real estate investment stories ([31:55])