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Million Dollar Audiences, Twitter vs. Threads, and The Truth About Multitasking

In this episode, Nate shares his personal experience with entrepreneurial burnout and how he recovered, plus strategies to refuel your passion. We also discuss Instagram's new platform Threads and how it compares to Twitter, and why multitasking is a productivity killer. Learn how to compartmentalize tasks effectively and get the most done in less time.
Show highlights include: 
  • Nate's new Facebook group: Million Dollar Newsletters ([1:15])
  • Entrepreneur Burnout ([3:45])
  • The difference in running a newsletter business vs. running an agency ([5:16])
  • Nate explores his consulting offer ([7:19])
  • Nate's biggest advice to people wanting to join his new Facebook group ([9:18])
  • The importance of engagement ([10:28])
  • The truth about multitasking… ([20:27])
  • Why you need to focus on getting things over the finish line ([21:15])
  • Avoid being “busy being busy” ([22:55])