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Becoming An A-Player

Ever wonder what sets A-Players apart in business? We'll guide you through their high-performing, self-motivated traits, and how they proficiently steer tasks to fruition. We'll also explore how an A-Player's persona can vary based on their role and the business they're in, especially when they're in sales and marketing. To top it off, we'll discuss the three daily habits that every A-Player and entrepreneur should embrace for personal and professional growth.

We then switch lanes to the realm of content creation and curation. You'll understand how curated content can provide easily digestible information, fostering a brand personality that resonates with your audience.  To wrap up, we'll discuss the significance of building business relationships by offering value to others.  Join us as we dissect these topics and dispense valuable advice for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Show highlights include:

  • What is an A-Player? ([0:50])
  • 3 things A-Players and entrepreneurs should do everyday ([3:43])
  • Curators vs creators ([7:42])
  • What got Nate into being a creator ([10:14])
  • The benefits of being a curator ([13:29])
  • Money is how people keep score ([15:58])
  • How helping others fulfills ([19:52])