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Traffic Roulette Is For Business That Like To Lose

If you’ve got a profitable paid traffic strategy, you know how great it feels to pay an amount of money and reliably get a multiple of it back. Maybe you’re still working on building your profitable marketing strategy online.

Whether you’ve got a funnel running or are working on it, this episode will help you build a business that lasts and avoid the overnight crash many business owners experience if they play “Traffic Roulette”.

If you’re trying to build sustained success and live your dream lifestyle long-term, you’ll love this episode. Show highlights include:

  • How playing “Traffic Roulette” almost tanked a wedding—and what you can learn from the story.  ([1:40])
  • Why to diversify ad networks even if your ads are working like gangbusters where you’re running them. ([3:35])
  • Are your ads working? Here’s how you diversify without straying from your heartland. ([4:05])
  • Diversification sounds hard and complicated. Here’s how you have fun when you advertise on more ad networks (and gain revenue streams). ([4:50])
  • The 6 things which make you money on any ad network. ([5:05])
  • How to go get millions of people in your audience… by focusing on getting a thousand. ([9:00])