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They Can Copy You, But They Can’t Be You.

If you’re in online marketing, you know marketers constantly rip off each other.

Once an idea or a marketing strategy makes money in one market, competitors swarm to replicate the idea and implement it for themselves—the zero-sum game called “Funnel Hacking”.

In this episode, you’ll learn why most funnel hackers aren’t successful (at least in the long-term) and how to funnel hack without being a thief.

Show highlights include:

  • Creating all your marketing and tech is a waste of time if you don’t answer this question first. (starts at [2:00])
  • The difference between funnel hacking and marketing (they’re not the same). ([4:35])
  • Why “funnel bandits” are hard to spot—and the secret sauce they’d need for long-term success. ([5:05])
  • The story of the worst funnel hack of all time. ([6:30])
  • How to build a predictable marketing machine. ([9:05])
  • The big problem with low-ticket funnels. ([10:00])
  • What to do in crowded markets where everyone screams “I’m the best!” ([12:30]).
  • A game-changing book recommendation to transform your perspective on marketing. ([13:00])
  • What to wait for before you build follow-up systems, chatbots, autoresponders etc. ([17:00])
  • 8 software solutions to build your predictable marketing machine. ([17:55])