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The Rise and Fall of Peloton

Join Nate and Zenen in this episode of Uncommon Advice, where they provide insider updates on the marketing rebels in the “Behind the Marketing” segment. Discover the latest trends and strategies revolutionizing the industry.

In “Blue Chip or Bust,” Nate and Zenen delve into the rise and fall of Peloton, exploring the factors behind its pandemic success and subsequent decline. Gain valuable insights into adaptability and staying relevant in a changing market.

Finally, in “Uncommon Advice,” they discuss the power of not caring what others think. Discover how embracing authenticity can lead to true success and fulfillment. Don't miss out on their unique perspectives and practical tips.

Tune in to this captivating episode for behind-the-scenes insights into marketing, the rise and fall of Peloton, and transformative advice. Empower yourself in the dynamic world of marketing rebels and personal growth.

Show highlights include: 

  • A piece of often forgotten digital real estate that is a huge opportunity to generate revenue (and build relationships). ([6:27])
  • Using profitable companies to build up local non-profit organizations. ([10:36])
  • “Blue Chip or Bust”, breaking down and analyzing Peloton. ([15:30])
  • Don't make this mistake when your company sees a growth spurt. ([17:37])
  • Sticking with your marketing campaign when experiencing “cancel culture”. ([21:52])
  • Inventory management and why you shouldn't build your projections on an anomaly (like COVID-19). ([24:13])
  • Why you need to stop caring what other people may or may not think. ([30:35])
  • Use the advice you get to improve your journey (not change your business). ([32:25])
  • Don't be afraid to fail. ([34:14])
  • Embrace yourself – you set yourself apart from everyone else. ([41:04])