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The Power of Good Marketing “The Wrexham Story”

In this episode, Nate and Zenen explore the fascinating topic of cultivating $100 million audiences, but with a fresh update on the latest numbers.

They'll uncover the ever-evolving landscape of audience development, sharing innovative approaches and practical techniques that can help you take your audience engagement to the next level.

And if that's not enough, we have an exclusive discussion “The Wrexham Story”. Discover the secrets behind this successful strategy into club ownership and how he has effectively engaged fans and transformed the Wrexham Football Club.

Show highlights include: 

  • Understanding your demographic. ([1:28])
  • The different ways to monetize your audience.([3:47])
  • What it means to have “brand continuity”. ([4:47])
  • “The Roast”, breaking down and analyzing “The Wrexham Story”. ([7:47])
  • Hard work vs. talent. Which one wins? ([16:25])
  • What “working hard” in business really means. ([24:05])
  • You don't always have to be the smartest in the room (but you do have to be resourceful). ([25:51])
  • How being willing to RECEIVE advice is equally important as being willing to GIVE advice. ([26:28])