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The Fireside Chat Formula Makes It Easy To Create Content

You’ve probably been told you need to create content for a plethora of reasons. Some say you need it for SEO, some recommend it to create authority and others use it for customer acquisition.

But in today’s day in age, content has become such a huge topic that it becomes confusing quickly.

If you’re confused about content, this episode is for you.

You’ll learn what makes a good piece of content, how to plan good content and how to validate and invalidate content ideas.

Show highlights include:

  • A good and a bad reason to give away content for free. ([1:10])
  • How to create meaningful content without just doing it to create content. (start at [1:30])
  • 3 things which can be content. ([3:15])
  • How to keep track of content ideas and organize them for future reference. ([3:30])
  • The “Mindshare Method” framework for coming up with ideas for content which helps and resonates. ([5:00])
  • Why “content support” is crucial to putting out something valuable. ([6:45])
  • The underrated thing content must do so it takes you from an information supplier to a trusted advisor. ([7:00])
  • How to create effective content—summed up in one sentence. ([9:55])