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The Art of De-Scaling and Finding Success After Failure with Chris Evans

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to scaling your business and becoming an exceptional leader? Join us as we sit down with Chris Evans, whose journey from Christian missionary to building one of the biggest online coaching businesses in recent years offers incredible insights and lessons. Chris emphasizes the importance of leadership, vision, and a strong value system as critical components for attaining success in any venture.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the concepts of scaling and descaling in business, delving into the significance of building deep roots and a solid foundation for long-term growth. Chris shares his thoughts on how to honor plateaus and avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations, as well as the importance of balancing ambition with intentionality and self-awareness. Additionally, we touch on the impact of neglecting these aspects on family life and the necessity of descaling as a means to audit your business and create a more intentional approach to scaling.

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Show highlights include: 

  • Chris' top 3 characteristics needed for success [([0:35])}
  • Learning to become a leader [([4:30])]
  • Your decisions are only as good as your data input [([7:25])]
  • Why scaling “down” is just as important as scaling “up” [([12:37])
  • The “arrival” fallacy and how it will leave you empty [([15:53])]
  • Having a strong foundation in your value system [([18:08])]
  • The value in slowing down [35:06])