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Pop-Up Podcast Strategy, Creating Million Dollar Newsletters, Business Impacting Life

This episode's journey starts at a Sneaker Expo, where we set up a unique podcast pop-up booth, and it ends with a deep dive into the world of building and monetizing newsletters. Nate gives us invaluable insights into generating income through newsletters and affiliate marketing.

The discussion doesn't stop there – we also share our unique experiences of working in different environments, examining the benefits and drawbacks of remote work versus the traditional office setup. We delve into the nuances of digital nomadism, the importance of a stable workspace and the integral role that a company's culture plays. On a more personal note, we share insights into the importance of hiring the right people, ensuring a productive work environment, and the necessity of taking time away from work to prevent burnout.

We wrap up the episode by drawing upon our own experiences of building successful businesses. We reflect on the importance of being a better leader, delegating tasks effectively, maintaining focus on the company's mission, and learning from mistakes. We hope that our experiences and the insights from Nate will inspire and equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate your own entrepreneurial journey. Tune in for a blend of unique tales, valuable insights, and practical advice.

Show highlights include:

  • Lessons learned from a podcast pop-up ([7:48])
  • The framework needed to build and monetize newsletters and audiences ([11:45])
  • How to grow your subscriber base ([18:23])
  • Why it's important to research your audience ([19:12])
  • Designing your newsletter ([22:18])
  • Creating your newsletter growth plan ([27:23])
  • How business has affected Nate's life ([39:00])
  • Our thoughts on remote work and how having an office space builds company culture ([41:57])
  • Why it's necessary to have your own time, outside of work ([45:42])
  • Hiring the right people and how it improves business and quality of life ([46:42])
  • Becoming a better leader ([52:10])
  • Why Nate chose to shut his agency down ([55:30])