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Getting out of Your Own Way With Jonathan Rivera

Most entrepreneurs think they’re building a business.

But in reality, they’re just becoming stressed out employees in their own companies.

Jonathan Rivera is not one of those entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode, he’ll show you how you can work less and delegate more, so you can free up more time for new and exciting ventures.

You’ll even learn how to make money watching cartoons!

Are you ready to work less and make more?

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why snowboarding will make you richer than listening to the guru at your mastermind ([2:08])
  • How to build an active and thriving business (even if you’re lazy and illiterate) ([4:10])
  • One skill that can bring you $40k per year with as little as
  • 163 words ([7:39])
  • The “dumb as a box of rocks” way to make money in any business ([8:58])
  • How making “dumb” mistakes lets you hit your deadlines faster than expected ([15:48])
  • How to easily achieve massive success by “breaking down the B-HAG” ([16:47])
  • The “boardroom” secret to an enthusiastic team who will do anything to achieve your business goals ([17:40])
  • How to make money watching cartoons on the internet ([23:58])
  • When it makes sense to delegate your most-loved skill ([32:24])