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Fitness Optimization Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Perform Better

On the Uncommon Advice Podcast, the focus is on scaling your business, acquiring new customers and marketing profitably.

While those things are great and necessary for a successful business, your business performance often depends on your own performance.

If you can’t bring your a-game because you’re tired or lack energy, your business suffers.

In this episode, you learn the fundamentals of optimizing your own fitness so you can fuel your business with peak performance every single day.

Show highlights include: 

  • The 3 Bs you need to optimize in your life (only ONE of them is business). ([1:35])
  • Why never to diet—and how to approach transforming your health (or life/business for that matter…) instead. ([3:30])
  • How to make eating clean completely hassle-free. ([4:00])
  • Working out isn’t “dead time”. Here’s how to turn your workouts into business growth. ([5:30])
  • Why not to worry when you gain weight—even when you’re trying to lose weight. ([7:25])
  • Why NOT to go on a low-carb diet. ([8:45])
  • How to stop eating bad foods without “food guilt”. ([10:15])
  • Don’t take “cheat days”! How to look at delicious food instead.  ([11:10])
  • You do this every day. It might be your key to better health, life and business decisions. ([11:40])