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7 to 9: The Wild Journey of Building and Selling Online Businesses

From humble beginnings to scaling up to a 9-figure valuation, Nate shares his experiences and insights into the world of online entrepreneurship.

Along the way, Nate and Zenen discuss the challenges and triumphs of building a successful business, the importance of persistence and adaptability, and the valuable lessons learned from failure.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in the world of online business, you won't want to miss this inspiring and informative episode.

Show highlights include: 
  • The first step in getting an online business up and running. ([8:30])
  • 3 things you need to do in the first year to make your business successful. ([11:02])
  • How building a team is an important part of success and how to become a great leader. ([15:05])
  • The importance of marketing. ([17:59])
  • How much money you should be putting into marketing. ([20:02])
  • How inconsistency in marketing can affect your revenue. ([21:36])
  • The plan to achieving the “9 figure exit”. ([25:23])
  • The challenges of being an entrepreneur. ([30:12])
  • How to chose the correct market to enter. ([32:20])
  • The importance of defining what YOU want. ([36:00])