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Create Irresistible Million Dollar Offers Quickly

When you first get into marketing, it’s easy to feel like your goal is miles away. People say you need all sorts of technology, tools, software, sophisticated marketing strategy, several up, down and cross-sells, a mentor and whatever else they’re trying to sell you at the moment.

While these things can help, you first need a clear offer—which is harder than it sounds. If your offer doesn’t attract your target audience, all the marketing strategies in the world won’t make you a penny.

This episode teaches you how to think differently about marketing and gives you an actionable sit-down-and-write exercise to help you become an authority and dominate your niche.

Show highlights include:

  • 5 ways you can use this podcast to beat your competition. ([2:45])
  • The 3 key ingredients to creating an irresistible offer. ([4:00])
  • How to stop helping everyone and build a business for the long-term (you need to listen to this if you’re thirsty for sales). ([5:15])
  • What to focus on to earn top dollars and dominate industries. ([6:05])
  • The most commonly believed myth in the marketing industry. ([8:00])
  • How to position your offer with “symptomatic solutions” to get your prospect’s attention and attraction. ([10:30])
  • 3 lists to write down to help you create your irresistible offer today (do this exercise and you’re ahead of most marketers). ([13:00])
  • How to get your audience to tell you how to market your product—and make money in the process. ([15:25])
  • Which type of marketer gets the most money in any market. ([15:55])