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Building Your Brand with Branding Genius David Brier

Without a brand, your business becomes dull, boring and won’t make a ton of sales.

But building a brand doesn’t have to be complicated. Marry design, differentiation, language, color, personality, and story in the right way….

…and people can’t resist buying from you (even if you change nothing else about your business). And when you do it right, simply changing your packaging could multiply your business.

David Brier, started a groundbreaking lifestyle brand out of his mother's basement and grew into a $6 billion global enterprise.

In this episode, he reveals how to use branding to magnetize new customers and multiply your profits.

Show highlights include:

  • How changing nothing but your packaging disrupts the market space and attracts new customers ([8:27])
  • Why refusing to blend in with the mainstream catapults you to the top of your industry ([16:15])
  • How changing your mindset from “I want” to “I give” unleashes hockey stick growth for your company ([21:01])
  • Why lowering your prices to sell more wrecks your bottom line ([23:56])
  • Why your business model ruins your customer experience and empower your competitors ([31:37])