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Building $100 Million Audiences

In this episode Nate and Zenen give you an inside scoop on some of their brands and what they are doing to build million dollar audience, the mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur, and break down the Bud Light Marketing Strategy.

Show highlights include: 

  • Having a growth mindset (and how it leads you to more money, time, and fun along the way). ([7:40])
  • Don't compare yourself to others highlight reels (aka: social media). ([13:41])
  • How to get out of a negative mindset.([15:24])
  • How you handle taking a loss determines where you go from there. ([18:59])
  • Skillsets entrepreneurs need to have to be successful. ([21:58])
  • Having the “thirst of knowledge” for your craft. ([23:19])
  • How having the “ability to execute” will set you apart from others. ([26:19])
  • The importance of having confidence in yourself. ([27:33])
  • “The Roast”, breaking down and analyzing the new Bud Light ([30:11]) campaign.
  • What a “Circle of Influence” is and how to build it to your advantage. ([37:15])