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Want to make more sales?

Do you want to make more sales?

Then I’ve got some advice…sell to LESS people. 

You see, many companies, especially when they’re just getting started, try to sell to a super broad audience.

Thinking that will give them more chances to make sales and a bigger group of people to sell to.

But that’s the opposite of what you should be doing.

You ever heard of the saying, “there are riches in niches”?

It’s a powerful (and accurate) statement.

Most companies never narrow down to a specific enough problem that they solve. 

A prime example of this is in the financing world, where you can find all kinds of customers.

Businesses, subprime, prime, young, retired, etc…

And the companies that find the biggest and fastest success narrow down on one niche.

For example, there are companies entirely dedicated to funding churches

That is a niche.

Taking the funding business, which is a broad spectrum and only focusing on churches. 

You’d be shocked by the number of seemingly unprofitable niche groups with riches locked up in them…

Just waiting for the right entrepreneur to tap in. 

Now think of your own business.

If you're selling to a broad market, look down and discover what niche problem your product can solve.