Fitness is easier than we make it.

New Year is upon us, so people are trying to think about what they're going to do to get back in shape, what they're going to do to work off the cookies they ate.

I'm guilty, I ate a lot of them.

Here are two simple things that you can do daily to be healthier. First, let me add this disclaimer: The key is to have more good days than bad days when it comes to your fitness. That's what I strive for weekly, to have more good days than bad. That is what works for me.

Health Tip #1

Get yourself a growler of green juice. My goal is to drink one juice per day, it is an easy way to get the nutrients my body needs. Somedays I use it as a meal real replacement, so instead of having lunch, I’m drinking green juice.

They sell Growlers at the juice bars just like they sell growlers at your local brewery with your microbrew. This is a much better healthier version if you're trying to get back into shape.

Pick up a growler of juice and keep it around. When you have healthy options in front of you, you're going to eat healthier. If you don't have healthy options in front of you, you're going to have whatever is easy to pick and sounds good in the moment.

Health Tip #2

The second tip I want to share is enjoying ice cold water. Drinking enough water daily is a tough task in of itself, so to make it easier I carry a hydro flask around with me.

The hydro flask keeps your water cold all day. Simply add three or four ice cubes to the water and it stays ice-cold all day, because who wants a warm glass of water when you want something refreshing. It's amazing.

I carry this with me everywhere because it's a reminder thatI need to drink some water.

As you shoot to get back in shape or stay in shape, just find a couple health hacks that you can do that help foster good, healthy habits daily.