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Three things I would tell young Nate…

Ever wish you could teach your younger self a few lessons?

Save them from some pain and failures…while that would be nice – we can’t change the past. 

But I can share some wisdom that could make your entrepreneurial journey better.

Three things I would tell young Nate…

  1. Cashflow is king. But…

Cash flow is king. There’s no doubt about that. But real success comes from knowing how to leverage it. 

See, when I was younger, I would always spend the same dollar twice. I had no clue how to invest my money in a way that it would return it’s invest on repeat.

So now my goal is to leverage cash flow. Whether it’s through investments or strategic marketing moves, every dollar that goes out is designed to work longterm for me. 

  1. Be intentional about what you focus on

What you focus on expands. It attracts more of it into your life…

So if you focus on the negative shit, you’re gonna get more negative results in your life.

If you focus on the positives, you’re gonna get more positive results in your life. 

And If you focus on growing, you’re gonna get more growth in your life. 

There’s a cause/effect to every thing. So you need to be more intentional about where you put your energy and focus.

  1. Time is running out

Time is not infinite. 

You can always earn more money, make new friends and rebuild businesses…

But you can not get back your time back. 

Once it’s spent it’s gone. And worse – you never know how much you’re gonna get.

So be cautious with your time and say “no” more often. 

You’re surrounded by opportunity…

You can create a new business, join a partnership, travel for an event, speak on a podcast, write a book…

Every where you look there are new opportunities and shiny objects.

But be careful about what you say “yes” to because it extracts valuable time and energy from the things that you really want to focus on and the things that you're passionate about. 

That’s all I got for today. 

If you remember those three lessons, you could be in a much stronger place a few months from now.