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“There’s never enough time…”

“There’s never enough time…”

You ever catch yourself saying that? 

Well, you’re right – sorta…

There is never enough time…if you don’t make time. 

You see, time feels like a scary uncontrollable monster sometimes…

But you can actually control it.

Rob Dyrdek, a successful entrepreneur, former professional skateboarder and entertainer, has a great outlook on this…

He calls it: Designing Time.

The entire emphasis is valuing every moment of time – so you never look back at your life and wonder where all the time went.

It’s a ruthless commitment to tracking, tagging and analyzing every hour of your life.

That might sound extreme to you…

After all, we became entrepreneurs to have more freedom…

Here’s the thing, though, when you begin to track your time and keep metrics about how you spend it…time actually slows down. 

You suddenly aren’t wasting hours on unnecessary meetings, scrolling social media or aimlessly wandering through your day.

Because you’re aware of the waste, you begin valuing every second.

Do you want to live so you can look back on your life with no regrets about how you spent your time with on family, business or health?

When you design your time – you can live a life you won’t regret. 

Tracking your time doesn’t mean you never get to do what’s fun either…

It means you have MORE time to do whatever you want – because you’re not wasting it on frivolous sh*t. 

You want to go to the football game, watch a movie or spend 3 hours in the gym?


And you can feel GOOD about doing those things…

Because you’ve reserved the necessary time to accomplish the other important things in your life.

Use your time intentionally.

Use it for things that fulfill you and your goals.
And you’ll never say, “There’s never enough time” again.