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Struggling to stay motivated?

Do you struggle to stay motivated? 

Listen, when I get my ass kicked or feel uninspired – it can feel impossible to get motivated.

No amount of self-help books, podcasts or positive self-talk can get me going…

But there is one thing that can…momentum.

See, I realized that I had to become a solutions-oriented person…

Meaning I couldn’t sit around feeling sorry for myself.

Instead, I had to focus on achieving small wins that helped me gain momentum.

And once I gain a little momentum – there’s no stopping me.

So how do you gain momentum?

It’s easy really…just get something done

It doesn't have to be important or time-consuming…

In fact, the easier the better. Cuz then you stack your wins and gain even more momentum.

Have a to-do list? Identify the 3 or 4 easiest things to check off and knock em out.

Boom – momentum.

When you wake up in the morning, instead of jumping straight into work, stack some small wins.

Make the bed, brush your teeth, read a little, do a light workout…

Anything to start your day off with success and momentum.

When you feel unmotivated – it’s probably attached to something deeper than being lazy or bored…

More likely than not – you’ve got past baggage or fears trapping you in the past or feeling afraid of the future. 

The longer you sit in that space – the harder it becomes to gain momentum.

So shift your focus.

Identify solutions instead of problems. 

Stack up small wins.

And you’ll find yourself gaining speed quickly.