Hey there,

Ever leave a live event feeling like it was a massive waste? 

Happens a lot.

But here’s a simple trick for maximizing your time and landing more clients at your next live event

Choose 1-3 people you want to prioritize meeting with—and focus on building relationships with them.

You see, I’ve attended dozens and dozens of events. As a featured speaker and a participant…

And I’ve noticed two types of people:

  1. Those who meet everyone and know no one. They get the high of meeting people but leave with no real relationship value. 
  1. Those who leave with a few great relationships that turn out fruitful. This is my focus. 

My main goal when I go to events is to create at least ONE real long-term relationship. 

And those relationships have resulted in the highest long-term profits for my business.

So give it a try…

Leverage social media or the event's website to find out who you will build relationship capital with…

Message them ahead of time and ask if you can connect…

Then skip happy hour to grab dinner with a powerful new connection.