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Self-promotion or biz promotion?

What do your prospects see on your social media feeds?

Endless selfies and self-congratulatory posts…

Or valuable content that promotes your expertise and business?

Listen, social media is a powerful business-building tool you can’t ignore any longer.

Your audience is already there…for free!

So what are you showing them?

And what do you want to show them?

You see, I think there are already enough selfies for everyone…

People are getting tired of the smoke and mirrors…

Business owners and influencers who act like they've got it all going on…

No failures, no wrinkles, no original ideas.

Nowadays, your audience is craving authentic connection and insights. 

Not yesterday’s “viral topics” wrapped up in a new package.

Not an influencer who can't admit their failures.

And not a person who obsessively flexes their (manufactured) lifestyle.

They want to see YOU.

A real person who’s worked in the trenches has some battle scars and a unique perspective on life and business.

They want you to add value to their day.

So how do you do that?

  1. Teach them what you know

You’re in business for a reason, right? You have something valuable to add to people's lives…so don’t be stingy with it. Give away your best ideas. Share your most valuable insights. It’s not gonna deter your market from hiring you. I promise you, it’ll only make them more excited to pay you for more! 

  1. Show them it’s possible

Everyone loves an underdog story. The poor kid who became a billionaire. The failure who dusted themself off and rose to success. The weakling who won the national title.

We love these stories because we relate to them! They show us that no matter how “impossible” it all seems…if they could do it…so can we. So highlight your humanity. Where you’ve dropped the ball and how you’ve recovered. It’ll build a fast and real connection with your prospects.

  1. Be original

The competition is only getting bigger. With social media, AI and easy-to-replicate businesses…it’s more important than ever to stand out. Show people why you’re business is better at helping your prospect than anyone else. You may not have the most followers, testimonials, or team members…but you can highlight what makes you unique. Show them you’re not a commodity by highlighting your process or out-of-the-box experience. 

The goal of social media: Promote your business, not your face 😉