Here’s the thing…

You probably heard our President throwing the word “armageddon” around.

Guess we’re supposed to add that to the list of things we’re scared of these days…

Along with a recession, inflation, WW3, Covid and our democracy's very existence.

If worrying about all this while still trying to grow your businesses feels like too much…

You’re right.

You’re not made to worry about so many things.

What you should do, is focus on what you can control instead. 

And that’s your own business.

I heard this quote from Walmart founder Sam Walton a few years ago. And it’s always stuck with me. 

The US economy was entering a recession and a reporter asked him what he planned to do. Walton responded by saying:

‘I’ve thought about it, but I have chosen not to participate.”

Damn, that sounds like a good plan to me.

I’m not telling you to bury your head in the sand or to expect someone else to come to your rescue…

But when it feels like the world’s spinning out of control—you’ve got to double down on protecting what’s yours.

Get clear on what you want from your business, automate your lead flow, perfect your offer, over-deliver for your clients…

And if you need help with any of those aspects—click this link.

I’d be happy to help set you up for success, no matter what the media decides you should be afraid of next.