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My dad said I should become a basket weaver

Do you remember when you knew that you would become a business owner?

For me, it was during an uncomfortable drive with my dad where he had just seen my (less than great) college grades…

I was in college as a physical therapy major…

I always loved sports and wanted to graduate college with a skill that allowed me to work with athletes every day.

But I hated going to class and totally bombed my first semester.

My dad picked me up at the airport to take me home for a visit when I found out my grades had been mailed home…and he’d seen ‘em…

I got chewed out and he ended the conversation by telling me, “you dumb-ass, you should become a basket weaving major”…


At that moment, I decided to quit college and knew I would just own my own company one day.

That story might resonate with you…

See, the longer I'm in business, the more I realize that “normal people” don’t often make it in our world.

We don’t play by the rules – we want to make our own decisions.

We don’t fit into the neat & tidy corporate boxes the worlds created for us.

So if you feel like an outsider or don’t fit in with your family or friends… that’s OK! 

You’re created for something different and you’ve got exactly what it takes to kick ass as an entrepreneur. 

Coming to that realization was a massive game-changer for me.

And surrounding myself with other like-minded people helped me accelerate my business success.