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Money Just Changes It’s Flow Pattern

Money doesn't go away it just flows to different places.

When the 2 weeks to slow the Curve happened we saw some businesses explode.

Real Estate Skyrocketed. Our house alone doubled in value from when I bought it in 2016, but was stagnant until 2020 hit.

Home services exploded – people got renovations, pools, updates. Luxury car market exploded. A Rolls Royce for 170K shot up to $240K (I got out bid on the one I liked)

I'm not sure anyone really could foresee this happening. At least not like we can see what's happening now.

Inflation is off the charts, consumer credit card debt is at an all time high.

Just this past week I read an article on Baron's about how the Repo Market is booming.

Companies are literally buying land to store all the cars that people bought using their Stimulus check for down payments and are now giving them back to the banks.

Why am I looking at this?

I lost everything last time back in 2008, because I kept my head in the sand.

This time I am eyes wide open paying attention to what industries are moving.

Money doesn't go away it just flows to different places. Just like it did with home services and DIY industry.

Money is now starting to slow down there, so where is it headed?

I'm not 100% sure yet, but when I read an article from Barron's on how companies are buying land to store all the Car Repos I wonder how to capitalize.

So, right now I am looking for what industries will be in the position to explode the next few years.

If you want to acquire some wealth the next few years then I would suggest you identify what industries will be booming and provide solutions they are willing to invest in.