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Is it dead or do you need to evolve?

There’s tons of chatter about which marketing channels are dead

They say:

❌ Email is dead 

❌ Facebook ads are dead

❌ Google ads are dead

❌ Webinars are dead

❌YouTube ads are dead

Etc. Etc. Etc…

We hear these warnings all the time, but are they true?

My answer is no.

Most times, It’s just marketers trying to scare everyone into buying whatever new funnel or strategy they want to teach you. 

They say this new shiny object is gonna save you from all these dead channels and make all your dreams come true…

But here’s the truth…none of them are dead. 

Because mature marketing channels do not die.

But they do evolve. 

So the real question is are you evolving with them?

Or are you jumping from one shiny object to another…

The reality is that your business will never reach its full potential if you keep jumping. 

Because you’re not becoming a master of anything…

And you’re constantly moving away from proven and mature traffic sources.

Always remember the most consistent results are still occurring on mature channels. 

So the real question is, do you have the ability to evolve?

Because the ones that can evolve are the ones who will win.