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Life Ain’t Easy & Greatness Ain’t Given – It’s Earned

This is a simple truth I hope for more people to understand in life.

My smart, beautiful wife and I will once in a while talk about the Dark Days we faced together. My business was flipped upside down, I lost every penny, went bankrupt and lost my houses.

I had a choice to make…

  1. I could go with the ‘Poor Me' (which I did for a week)
  2. I could start hustling my ass off.

Hustling has always been more my style, so I got to work.  It helped that a time I felt was the Ultimate Failure, Susan stuck by my side with unwavering, loyal support and we weren't even married yet. I said earlier she was smart 🙂

Fast forward a few years and I am now an Instant Success.  We rebuilt financially, travel a ton and are living life how we always envisioned. As if it were only that easy and sexy sounding.

The truth is, my Instant Success started that day I decided to hustle instead of being a victim.  There were many sleepless nights, plenty of days grinding out 12 hours of work, and many years of reminding myself to – Be Amazing. Be Great.

Shortly after of Feeling Comfortably Successful,  one of those ‘never forget' type of days came along. The past came rearing it's ugly head and I got slapped across the face, while be dragged through a financial shake down. It was a stressful, awful mess. It took the wind right of my sails…

It was another one of those ‘Fork in Road' moments that we all have in life.  This time the only thing kept hearing in my head was… Life ain't easy and I want to be Great.

So, what I'm trying to say is a smooth sea never created a skillful sailor.

When you are down, don’t use excuses that let you stay there. Instead look in the mirror and find what you could have done better, find what you can improve and then Do It!

Play the cards you have and WIN that’s how you Earn Greatness!

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