I've noticed business owners are becoming more intentional about opportunities they pursue.

They are placing more weight on Lifestyle than Money.

They want consistent cash flow (the amount depends on Lifestyle Goals).

They want flexibility with their schedule and TIME.

They want flexibility on where they work (Location & Vacations Matters).

It's why business owners get into the Info Product and Coaching Industries. They are great for quick cash flow and can be run from anywhere.

If you are someone looking to get in the game then I want to leave you with this …
Own Your Audience.

Too many business stay dependent on the Ad Networks and never think about owning their audience.

If the Ad network decides they don't like your business or if you offend some keyboard raider then you risk getting your account shutdown.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't use ad networks. We are $100M+ spent and counting on ad networks.

Use them, but don't get caught sleeping like others are.

So if you want to start building your audience then the fastest way is to start with a solid email engagement strategy.

This one shift in our business (owning our audience) allowed us to grow 300% in under 12 months.

The cool part…

It's not that hard to do and you can start today.

I'm rooting for ya!