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Entrepreneur: Beware of this trap

Important question for you…

Do you feel like you’re falling behind?

Like all the other entrepreneurs are doing better than you…

Making more money than you…

Happier than you…

Listen, if you feel this way, I get it.

One of the biggest traps we face as entrepreneurs is comparison. 

It’s a huge challenge to overcome.

But I’m going to tell you:

  1. Why it’s essential that you do…
  1. Why you probably shouldn't be so impressed with everyone else

There’s a phrase I like to say – “mine your own business.”

It came to me after my own “come-to-Jesus” moment about comparison.

You see, I caught myself watching everyone else in my market. 

Eying the money they were making, impressed with their followings and curious about their offers…

I wanted to be like them.

I thought I could “hack” their success. 

But the more I got caught up watching everyone else – the more my business suffered. 

You see, I’m not like everyone else. 

And neither are you.

We’ve all got unique personalities, skillsets, experiences and missions perfectly suited to our unique market and the unique individual that will benefit from what we offer.

But when we try to be like someone else – we suffer, our customers suffer and ultimately, we fail.

That’s why you should mine your own business. 

Drill down to what makes you unique and go all in on perfecting that! 


Don’t be so impressed with what someone else is doing anyways.

You may think that “entrepreneur X” is killing it…

But you actually have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. 

You don’t know what it took them to get there or what they sacrificed or are currently sacrificing.

You also don’t know if what their doing is really working…

Maybe they're blowing all their cash and aren't even profitable, or they could be sketchy as hell and about to get smoked by an FTC suit…

Moral of the story is – stop comparing yourself.

It’s a trap and will only hold you back.

I was happier than ever and my business exploded once I figured this out.

And I’ll tell you this, too – it’ll make your marketing infinitely more powerful (and easier).

You’ll know who you are, what you offer and WHY you’re the best.