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Does asking for money scare the h*ll out of you?

Does asking for money scare the hell out of you?

Listen, if you’re anything like I used to be, you hate asking for money. 

It feels uncomfortable, awkward and honestly…a little vulnerable.

But here’s one lesson I learned early on in my business that changed the game for me…

If you don’t ask for the money, you’re never going to get it. 

Seems obvious, but I’m shocked at how many service-based business owners struggle with this.

They’ll spend months building funnels and thousands of dollars marketing to their audience…

But once they get a prospect on the phone, they’re too scared to close the deal.

Making all that time and money go to waste…

So listen up, here’s what you gotta do – just ask for the money!

What’ll happen after you ask?

Well, they’re either going to say “yes” or they’re going to say “no”…

If they say “Yes”:

Fantastic. That’s the entire reason you got into business, right? 

To help people and get paid.

If they say “No”:

Also fantastic. You just put yourself out there, acted courageously and got some feedback from your market.

This is a very simple lesson, but I’ve found that a lot of times, people just need someone else to expose the problem for them – so they can change.

If you’re reading this, I bet you are extremely capable of helping some people. 

And every time you let fear talk you out of asking for the money…you’re robbing a prospect of the opportunity to let you change their life for them.