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Do you hate selling?

Do you hate selling?

Most coaches love helping people and hate selling to them…

But the reality is, if you want to help more people, you need to sell.

Here’s the good news: once you learn how to leverage marketing, selling becomes infinitely easier.

You see, there are two primary ways to sell…

Outbound and Inbound.

Outbound sales require you to reach out to cold leads with a sales pitch in the hopes that you can convince them to buy from you on the spot.

Think – door-to-door salespeople, car salesmen and telemarketers.

Gross, right?

Then you’ve got inbound sales.

Inbound sales work in tandem with your killer marketing campaigns and content creation to warm leads up and convince them to reach out to you.

Way better, right?

Because when you do great marketing, it does a lot of the selling for you. 

Emails, videos, ads and social content are all great options for marketing to your audience.

And once you get someone exposed to your brand and inside your world, you can stay in front of them and “sell” to them as often as you want…

Without ever picking up the phone or having a conversation! 

They learn all about you, develop rapport with you and when they’re ready to buy, they’ll reach out to you, desperate to hand over their credit card.

Now, I realize that marketing can feel scary as well…

It takes time, money and experience to get it right.

Which is why I’d like to help. 

If you are a coach or consultant who

  1. Has a real business that’s already working

You should already be making mid to high six figures or more. If you’re under $100k/year, I can’t help you (yet). 

  1. Already has an active list

This means people have already signed up and are ready to hear from you. 

  1. And your offer genuinely helps people

I’m going to hand you the keys to the city. You’re going to have more sales and influence than ever before – which means you must have a desire to actually help your market.