Here is my Structure & Strategy for the next 12 months to develop and reach an audience of 1,000,000 people per month.

I recently decided to re-launch with a focus on delivering the value I believe I bring to the world. It will become a piece of my Legacy.

Making sure to practice what I preach I followed my Science of Scaling system to make it easier.

Even passion projects need a plan!

Step One was to dig in and work on my ‘Authentic’ Message, the Audiences that would resonate with it, and the marketing plan to implement.

I know if you get these things right you can make an Impact!

#1 Finding Your True Message

If you are going to make an Impact you will need to open up a bit and get into some ‘Real Life’ stuff that effects us all. For me that means I will be covering multiple facets of life and not just be the ‘Marketing Prodigy’.

After many days of agonizing and list building I settled on what my core message will focus on.

Business, Marketing, Fitness, and Family.

I have plenty of real life experiences that I can share – some from failures and some from successes.

Knowing what your main message will revolve is important, but your authentic voice still needs to shine. This is where you find a lot of people hiding and trying to proper all the time.

Frankly, that isn’t me. On a daily basis I am very raw, tend to cuss a bit, and dish out feedback in a Tough Love sort of way.

That is how my message will need to come across, so when we meet in person – I am exactly who you think I am.

#2 Audiences to Impact

Defining this part was a bit easier for me.

I want to have a positive impact with Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs. We all struggle with balancing all the pressures of business and life, so I want to give a breath of fresh air to this crew with some real life insights.

To do this I used the Avatar Creation Questions that Optimized Assets uses for their agency clients.

#3 The Marketing Plan

Now that you have a better idea of the audience that would resonate with your message you need to figure out how you want to reach them.

For me this needed to be simple and there would need to be a HUB that aggregated almost everything.

My HUB would guide people to the different mediums we can hangout together. All they need to do is choose what ones they prefer most.

Don’t get all stressed out here. You can leverage similar content in multiple ways and here is how I plan on making it happen.

The HUB – This is my Blog ( This is where people can go to learn more about me, my family, my internet musings, and other places to connect with me. I will be ‘knowledge dropping’ on a weekly basis over here as well.

The Podcast – This is more of a selfish project. I love talking to and learning from Successful People. I have always been better in 1-on-1 conversations then big group settings, so these will be like mini 1-on-1 mastermind sessions for you to listen in on.

Topics will range from Family to Fitness to Business to Faith. My goal is give you very raw conversations about the Ups and Downs of life as a Leader.

The Side Hustle – this is my newsletter to not only get you knowledge droppings, but also a weekly digest of what’s going on around the net with the NK Audience.

The MOB – This may be one of my favorite pieces of the Marketing Plan. I believe I was born an Entrepreneur and evolved into a Business Owner. I love business and I love talking business, so this is the Group for us to do lots of it!

More Importantly, the success of this group will be created from the Members desire to GIVE. I just happen to be the guy bringing all you great minds together.

YouTube – I do videos every once in a while now and I need a place to host to them, so I will be using YouTube. Not to mention their marketing platform is pretty solid, so when I have a video that truly resonates with you I will invest in traffic over here.

Social Networks

As for social networks, I firmly believe in sticking to a few places. If not, you end up over whelmed and spend all your time on Social Media instead of enjoying Life.

For me that means sticking to where I am already hanging out – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As time goes on I may invest some of my time in a few others, but not sure yet. The ones I have my eye on are Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Periscope.

Growth Goals

Now that we have the Message, Audience, and Marketing Plan in place we need to reach people. My goal over the next 12 months is to create an audience of 500,000 people that are highly engaged.

Remember that old saying of… ‘If you build it they will come’

Well it doesn’t exactly work that way online. You can build it, but if you aren’t working it they for sure won’t come.

I will be creating a Part 2 to this post on how we are working the plan and using Content Amplification to accelerate the Growth of our audience.

To be continued…