Zillow (and OpenDoor, OfferPad, Redfin, etc) are disrupting the REI landscape.

They’re gobbling up properties from sea to shining sea.

As of Feb 2020, Zillow is buying homes in 23 premium markets where the average median home price is well above $200k.

And to top it all off, they have a 3-5 year revenue target of $20 Billion while buying 60,000 houses EVERY year.

(A mind-melting 5,000 houses a month.)

And they’re just getting started.


How does the smaller investor — the local guy/gal compete?

While Zillow’s blasting out to homes from Miami to Portland, the investors we’ve been working with have their crosshairs locked in on properties that are sub $200k (the one’s the hedge funds avoid).

And we take it one step further by laser focusing on the 3-D’s that turn ‘MEH’ leads into “hair on fire, I gotta sell NOW leads”…

Death. Divorce. Debt.

Our investors tell us they wake up to calls and texts every day from desperate sellers with equity who want to sell them their property ASAP.

Yes, we got the motivated seller with equity part dialed in…

But folks still gotta talk to sellers, make offers, and close deals.

However, they no longer have to spend $1000s on direct mail, or pound the phone on cold calls.

Plus, they don’t have to miss family dinners just to spend their evenings out in the winter — driving for dollars, “networking”, or running bandit signs.

Instead, we show these good folks how to bond and connect with 3-D (death, divorce, debt) sellers with equity by making simple 3-5 minute videos with their iPhones.

Even BEFORE these sellers call, they’re ALREADY on the path to knowing, liking, and trusting us.

Wanna join us and wake up to voicemails and texts from sellers with equity every morning?

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