You’ve probably heard marketing gurus tout the value of content. Maybe you’ve even filled your blog, started a YouTube channel or linked your articles on social media. But here’s the big problem with gurus shouting CONTENT from the rooftops:

Everybody says you need content, but few know how to create content which turns strangers into clients. Most content gets ignored—and doesn’t help people know, like and trust you.

This episode is recorded from a livestream in which Nate explains the formula he uses to create content which turns you into a trusted advisor in your prospect’s eyes.

Show highlights include:

– Before your content can create customers for you, you need an offer people want. Here’s how to create one. ([2:25])
– Why storytelling is incredibly effective in marketing—but so hard to pull off (and how to make it easier). ([4:35])
– How to beat “content block”, even when you feel like you have no good ideas. ([6:00])
– The three relationships people can have with your business and how to advance them from one stage to the next. ([9:30])
– A one-sentence example of how easy bonding with your audience can be. ([12:30])
– The simple “piracy” method to creating great content for various media (you’ll love this if you don’t like writing). ([13:10])
– Answer these two questions before you ever start creating content. ([21:30])

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