Being an entrepreneur is hard. First, you have to “take the plunge” and work up the courage to start your business. Then, the real difficulty sets in. You have to learn, invest and you will inevitably fail at some things.

While money struggles are obvious, the real issues stay under the surface. They’re emotions. Many entrepreneurs go through phases of severe depression, struggle with anxiety, feel inferior or live each day being jealous of the “big dogs”.

What separates the celebrated champions of business and marketing from those who didn’t make it?

In this episode, you’ll hear how Nate went from counting change while mice chewed through his furniture to running several successful online businesses, spending time with his family whenever he wants.

Show highlights include:

– Why tough decisions are so hard (remove this one thing from the equation and even important decisions become a breeze). ([3:20])
– How deep depression can help you improve your business and life once you’re through it. ([4:05])
– Don’t forget to build a lifestyle, not just a business. Here’s one awesome thing to do once you’ve “stacked some chips”. ([7:45])
– How to go from “I’m back on my feet” to building empires. ([10:35])
– When you hear a “guru” tell this lie about entrepreneurship, walk the other way. ([16:40])

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